API Speedtest

Integrate our Speedtest tool on your website. Our API is free, unlimited, customizable, responsive and ad-free. It was developed in pure JavaScript, without flash, java or websocket for optimal loading. Offer your visitors to test their internet connection from your site and in white label.

Background :

Color :

Button :

ButtonColor :

ProgressBar :

Progress :

Result :

AutoStart :

Langage :

<script src="https://speedtest.one/api/speedtest.js"></script>
JS Var Information Value
SpeedTestOne_background Background color of the page. Hex color transparent
SpeedTestOne_color General text color. Hex color
SpeedTestOne_button Background color of the launch button. Hex color
SpeedTestOne_buttoncolor Color of the launch button text. Hex color
SpeedTestOne_progressbar Color of inactive progress bar. Hex color
SpeedTestOne_progress Color of the active progress bar. Hex color
SpeedTestOne_result Colors of the test results (upload, download, ping, jitter). Hex color
SpeedTestOne_autostart Start the test when the page loads. 1 0
SpeedTestOne_lang Display language. en fr